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Relaxed Living Drop Arm & Basket Awnings

Here at Relaxed Living we want to help make your dreams come true. Check out our different products that can help create an amazing space to enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style.

Drop-Arm Awnings

Drop arm awnings are our most popular model for shading windows. They are retractable, thus giving you the option to shade the entire window, or just part of it. Drop arms can be motorized or manually operated; for higher installations, we suggest a motorized operation.

The arms on the drop arm awning, when extended, determine the length of the projection and the angle of the fabric.

Basket Awnings

Basket awnings are a perfect solution to shade windows and doors. They are similar to stationary awnings and can be used year around. Basket awnings are made from anodized aluminum profiles, covered with marine grade solution dyed acrylic fabric and accented with matching or contrasting staple hider. Basket awnings come in 4-rib or 2-rib styles. The 2-rib style forms a triangular shape when looking at the awning from a side angle. The 4-rib style has more rounded look and a sturdier frame, as it has additional rib support and is recommended for larger sizes.

Basket awnings can be manufactured as fixed or retractable. Retractable style is equipped with a pulley kit which allows you to retract the basket to let sunlight in as needed.

If your basket awning is utilized for a commercial application, applying custom graphics is ideal for promoting your business.

Did You Know?

Installing a drop arm or basket awning can save you money. Studies have shown that an awning over your window can reduce indoor temperature by as much as 8° and reduce heat loss by 12°.