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Relaxed Living BRAVO™

Here at Relaxed Living we want to help make your dreams come true. Check out our different products that can help create an amazing space to enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style.

BRAVO™ Semi-Cassette Awning

The BRAVO™ awning is a semi-cassette retractable awning system where the roller with fabric top are enclosed by top and bottom profiles, leaving only the arms and valance exposed when the awning is retracted. The semi-cassette protects the fabric top from dirt and debris, the elements and wildlife. A specially designed mechanism of the arm shoulder forces the front bar to pull into the cassette, forming a tight enclosure that prevents unwelcomed creatures from making your awning their home.

Each awnings is manufactured to client’s specification with custom widths between 6’2″ and 19’9″ wide (in 1″ increments). Available projections: 5’0″, 6’9″, 8’4″, 10’0″ and 11’8″.

BRAVO™ awning frame is finished with white powder coating. The BRAVO™ is backed by a 5 year warranty.

Frame Componets

Minimum Width in Relation to Projection. This chart indicates minimum width required to achieve certain projections with Bravo™ awning.

BRAVO™ Cassette. An aluminum cassette shields the fabric and internal frame components so that when the awning is fully retracted, only the exterior of the cassette, arms and valance are exposed. Unlike our competitors, we have ensured there are no gaps between the cassette profiles.

BRAVO™ Arm. Durable, PVC coated aircraft cables connect to the heavy-duty springs inside the arm cavity applying extreme force to keep the fabric taut when extended. BRAVO™ arms are made with extruded aluminum profiles and thermally treated die cast components, assuring strength and longevity.

BRAVO™ Arm Shoulder. The extruded aluminum dual inclination arm shoulder consists of a uniquely engineered mechanism that pivots upwards ensuring the front bar and profiles meet perfectly every time and acting as a “wind lock” to reinforce the shoulder’s capability to resist strong winds.

BRAVO™ Front Profile. Internally reinforced front bar gives continuity to the fabric top and added strength to the overall system. When the awning is retracted, the top profile overlaps the front bar slightly, preventing water from entering into the cassette.

Roller Tube Rolltec® uses a structural galvanized steel roller tube with spring memory to re-bound to its original shape.

Square Bar. A strong, galvanized and powder coated 40mm square bar with 2mm walls (on the right) is automatically upgraded to an extruded aluminum 5mm wall, reinforced with architectural ribs square bar (on the left) that prevent it from twisting in large awnings with a projection greater than 10′.

*Installation and adjustment instructions are available for dealers and customers.