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Sunspace by Relaxed Living is a locally-owned and operated Central Alberta dealer, specializing in the sales and installation of Outstanding Canadian made Sunspace Sunrooms and Rolltec Awnings.

With over 30 years of experience in the construction industry & usage of climate-engineered products, Relaxed Living Ltd. will extend your time in the sunshine & help you enjoy the great Canadian outdoors comfortably with sunrooms built to your specifications & awnings protected by a 10 year warranty.


Get the most out of life while sitting in your brand new Sunspace Sunroom built by Sunspace by Relaxed Living! You create the design, we build to suit. Your Sunroom will now become a great place to entertain or relax in.


Looking for a way to add some additional shade to your outdoor patio? Sunspace by Relaxed Living is your local Rolltec Retractable Awnings rertailer and we specialize in providing you with the perfect solution.

WeatherMaster Windows

The Sunspace Sunrooms WeatherMaster Windows allow you to enjoy the outdoors without the common annoyances like wind, rain or insects. Choose from no ventilation or up to 75% ventillation.

Acrylic Roofs

Sunspace Acrylic Roof Systems block harmful UV rays and protect your family from the effects of in climate weather without sacrificing of the sun’s natural light. Spend more time outdoors with the Sunspace Acrylic Roof System.

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Each room is custom made from the roof down including the size of windows and amount of doors. We must view the area where the proposed room is going and confirm sizes, windows, doors and confirm whether it is a Gable Roof or Studio style.
Your Relaxed Living Ltd. patio enclosure was designed to fit your home and sized to your specific location. Once installed it is suggested the unit should remain in place as a permanent addition to your home. Our repeat customers find it more convenient to size and order a new Sunrooms Etc. patio enclosure when they move.
Yes. Our patio enclosure requires permanent wood headers and verticals for support to the wall where it is mounted. If your home can accommodate this type of construction, then it is possible to attach a Relaxed Living Ltd. patio enclosure.
Practically yes, sensibly no. The width of your sun room is fixed and cannot be changed. It is possible to increase the length, but the process is expensive and requires extra labor. Adding-on later incurs additional shipping fees and requires disassembly of the unit. It is best to plan ahead and budget for the larger size.
A sky light adds to the beauty and enjoyment of your patio enclosure by allowing additional sunlight into key areas. A properly installed sky light will put the light were you want it. Keep in mind, a sunroom is primary windows and a lot of light will be let into the room already.
Relaxed Living Ltd. patio enclosure comes with a minimum 10 year warranty on most all products manufactured by Sunspace Sunrooms.
Each type of room has its own specific purpose and you should first determine how you want to use your space. A standard room addition (studs, drywall, standard roof, windows, and integrated permanent heating/cooling systems) is designed to meet certain codes as a year-round, permanent living space, like a kitchen or a bedroom.

A patio enclosure is designed as an additional room on your house that protects you from weather and insects during the times you would want to be outdoors. It offers incredible flexibility to enjoy many activities, such as soaking in a spa, entertaining, exercising, working, relaxing and so much more. It is designed with wall-to-wall windows that provide panoramic views and protection from wind and weather. Screen systems control insects and allow refreshing breezes.
There are several things involved; obtaining a permit, scheduling of your room to be built, crew availability, and weather conditions. Once all the preparation work is done, your Relaxed Living Ltd. sunroom may be installed in 1 or 2 days.

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