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Relaxed Living ADALIA X3M PLUS™

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The ADALIA X3M PLUS™ is a modification of the ADALIA X3M™ retractable awning with unique slope adjustment gears incorporated into the arm shoulders. As a result, the ADALIA X3M PLUS™ awning allows infinite inclination adjustments of both arms simultaneously at any time keeping the arms aligned, which means your awning will remain levelled as the inclination is changed. Most parts for ADALIA X3M PLUS™ are made from extruded, thermally treated, and artificially aged aluminum, making them immune to corrosion, Standard powder coated frame colours offered are white, ivory or black. Custom colour matching on the frame is available.

Advantages of the ADALIA X3M PLUS™ retractable awning

  • The slope of the awning is easily adjusted with just a hand crank (no ladders or tools required).
  • Both arms are adjusted at the same time, keeping the awning levelled.
  • Ideal for installations with low headroom.
  • Variable shade coverage to follow the sun’s movements.
  • Ability to lower the awning’s slope while it’s raining, for extra protection.

The ADALIA X3M PLUS™ comes with a comprehensive 10 year warranty on the frame and fabric, and 5 year warranty on the inclination gear.

Frame Componets

Inclination Shoulders. These structurally sturdy arm shoulders contain gearboxes that are synchronized inside the square bar by a solid steel rod and a series of bearings. This allows changing the pitch of both arms at the same time with the simple turn of the hand crank. The slope adjustment ranges from 0° to 55°.

ADALIA X3M™ Family of Awnings Arm ADALIA X3M™ family of awnings arm employs extruded aluminum profiles, strong die-cast and thermally treated aluminum elbows with PVC protected double aircraft cables. The heavy-duty springs inside the arms apply tremendous force to hold the fabric taut when the awning is extended.

Fixing Bracket. Fixing bracket is attaching lateral arm to the front bar. It uses shock-absorbing components to significantly extend its functional lifespan.

Front Bar. Front lead bar has a modern slim look with specially engineered internal reinforcement, and gives continuity to the fabric top while still adding strength to the overall system. The profile on the right is used for smaller awnings versus the profile on the left which is used for awnings wider than 16′ and/or that project 11’8″.

Steel Square Bar. A strong, galvanized and powder coated 40mm square bar with 2mm walls.

Roller Tube Rolltec® uses a structural galvanized steel roller tube with spring memory to re-bound to its original shape.

Bevel Gear. A speedy bevel gear with a 5:1 ratio for quick and easy use. A special feature of this gear is the stopper that prevents the awning from rolling up in the wrong direction.

Frame Colours Frames for ADALIA X3M™ family of awnings are available in three different colours of powder coating: White, Ivory and Black. Other custom colours are available upon request.

*Installation and adjustment instructions are available for dealers and customers.