Art explains Adalia Extreme (X3M) Retractable Awning System


XM32 Retractable Awning System : Edmonton, Alberta

Art explains Sunspace’s Adalia Extreme (X3M) Retractable Awning system.  It is a motorized system (*un-motorized system is also available) that can activate the awning system with a click of a button.  It also has a wind sensor on it, so it can retract automatically during strong wind.

Sunspace Sunrooms on Designing Spaces

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Model 200 Sunrooms by Edmonton, AB

Outdoor living it’s a lifestyle choice many of us enjoy but what can we do to extend our outdoor living season?  Sunspace Sunrooms might be an answer! Sunspace Sunrooms have many customizable features you can adjust to fit your need perfectly. If you would like to have an ability to enjoy your outdoor living all year round, give our Sunrooms … Read More