Restaurants, hotels, clubs, and other establishments looking to maximize profits from outdoor patios, now have an eye-catching solution. The Atrium™ is a unique refuge from sun and rain.

The exceptional feature of the Atrium™ is its retractable top. The Atrium™ comes in sections of up to 20′ in width, and projecting up to 20′ in length from the wall. These sections can be linked together to create unlimited widths using a specially designed rain gutter.

Motorized or manually operated, the Atrium™ will award you with years of protection from the elements. Rolltec®’s selection of 100% solution dyed acrylic fabrics will surely compliment this feat of engineering.


  • WALL FASTENING WALL FASTENINGThe Atrium installation is fairly simple. Mount the brackets on the wall, slide in the square bar with factory preassembled parts and fabric. Connect the tracks with horizontal tubing to the leg foundation.
  • HOOD HOODAn extruded aluminum hood protects the fabric as well as the rolling mechanism from the elements.
  • CURVATURE JOINTS CURVATURE JOINTSThese high strength components allow the working field of the guide tracks to adjust from 10° to 30°, which gives flexibility to control the slope as per customer specifications. A larger slope offers better water repellency.
  • STRAPPING STRAPPINGUnique strapping provides the connection between the front bar and the roller tube. The high strength strapping is led by heavy duty guide tracks.
  • CARRIERS CARRIERSPremium carriers run efficiently using ball bearings in nylon wheels, thus producing a strong and smooth operation. Balanced design ensures effortless rolling within the tracks’ channel.
  • SPRINGS AND GUIDE TRACKS SPRINGS AND GUIDE TRACKSAutomatic tension in the spring-loaded legs ensures that the fabric will be kept taut in any position. The heavy duty 2.5″ x 4.5″ guide tracks of extruded aluminum give the best stability for extreme projections.