The ADALIA X3M EXTENDA™ model is part of the ADALIA X3M™ family of awnings. The ADALIA X3M EXTENDA™ has been specially designed for areas that require a full projection but cannot accomodate the minimum width requirements of a standard awning. As a result of the cross-arm setup, theADALIA X3M EXTENDA™ awnings can be manufactured with the projection equal or greater than the width of the awning. The ADALIA X3M EXTENDA™ is backed by a 10 year warranty

The chart on the right indicates the minimum width required to achieve certain projections with the ADALIA X3M EXTENDA™.


  • Minimum Width in Relation to Projection Minimum Width in Relation to ProjectionThis chart indicates minimum width required to achieve certain projections with Extenda model.
  • Extended Arm Shoulder Extended Arm ShoulderA solid aluminum extension block is connected to one of the arm shoulders. This technique offsets the arm shoulder, lowering one arm just underneath the other so they can cross without bumping against each other. The upper arm is secured to the square bar using the same arm shoulder as ADALIA X3M™ model.
  • ADALIA X3M™ Family of Awnings Arm ADALIA X3M™ Family of Awnings ArmADALIA X3M™ family of awnings arm employs extruded aluminum profiles, strong die-cast and thermally treated aluminum elbows with PVC protected double aircraft cables. The heavy-duty springs inside the arms apply tremendous force to hold the fabric taut when the awning is extended.
  • Stainless Steel Hexagonal Eccentric Stainless Steel Hexagonal EccentricA stainless steel hexagonal eccentric adjustment at the base of each Extenda arm shoulder allows effortless arm fine tuning during assembly.
  • Extended Fixing Bracket Extended Fixing BracketThe upper arm is attached to the front bar using a regular ADALIA X3M™ fixing bracket. The offset (lower) arm uses an extended fixing bracket reinforced with aluminum tubing and special shock-absorbing material. Having the extension on one side prevents the arms from hitting each other.
  • Square Bar Square BarA strong, galvanized and powder coated 40mm square bar with 2mm walls (on the right) is automatically upgraded to an extruded aluminum 5mm wall, reinforced with architectural ribs square bar (on the left) that prevent it from twisting in large awnings with a projection greater than 10′.
  • Roller Tube Roller TubeRolltec® uses a structural galvanized steel roller tube with spring memory to re-bound to its original shape.
  • Front Bar Front BarFront bar has a modern slim look with specially engineered internal reinforcement, and gives continuity to the fabric top while still adding strength to the overall system.
  • Frame Colours Frame ColoursFrames for ADALIA X3M™ family of awnings are available in three different colours of powder coating: White, Ivory and Black. Other custom colours are available upon request.

Installation and adjustment instructions are available for dealers and customers.