ADALIA EXTREME X3M™ retractable awning is our most popular awning and is designed to combine durability with excellent functionality.

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(ADALIA X3M™ family of awnings.) TheADALIA X3M EXTENDA™has been specially designed for areas that require a full projection but cannot accomodate the minimum width requirements

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The ADALIA X3M PLUS™ is a modification of the ADALIA X3M™ retractable awning with unique slope adjustment gears incorporated into the arm shoulders.

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BRAVO™ Semi-Cassette Awning

The BRAVO™ awning is a semi-cassette retractable awning system where the roller with fabric top are enclosed by top and bottom profiles…

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TILT-O-SHADE™ awning features chain driven arms and arm shoulders with independently adjustable pitch, allowing you to raise or lower the front bar when you want, in a matter of seconds. Since each arm is adjusted individually, the awning can be angled.

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PHYSIQUE XL™ is a heavy duty awning system exclusively designed for 13’0″ (4m) projection, it has chain driven arms. Every retractable awning model, while extended, experiences considerable mechanical loads,

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The Atrium™

Restaurants, hotels, clubs, and other establishments looking to maximize profits from outdoor patios, now have an eye-catching solution.

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Drop-Arm Awnings

Drop arm awnings are our most popular model for shading windows. They are retractable, thus giving you the option to shade the entire window,

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Basket Awnings

Basket awnings are similar to conventional stationary awnings, in that they can handle snow loads and high winds.

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